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Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Russia: prosecutor charges HuT members with terrorism in Bashkortostan

Map of Russia - Republic of Bashkortostan (2008-03).svg''The suspects deliberately performed clandestine anti-Russian and anti-constitutional activities. They incited religious hatred by propagating their doctrines among the population, recruited new followers and prepared and disseminated extremist information,'' the Russian Prosecutor General's office said today.
Hizb ut-Tahrir, which calls itself a political party, is not classified as a terrorist organisation by the United States.
The group, which seeks to unite all Muslim countries into a unitary Islamic state, claims that it seeks to achieve its goals through peaceful means.
Russia, however, accuses the movement of having links to radical Islamist groups in Chechnya, and it was placed on a list of banned organisations by the country's Supreme Court in 2003.
HuT is the same group that held an act in Indonesia to push for a “Global Caliphate”, have posted propganda extremist videos on Youtube (with mentions to European colonialism and support for Palestinian terrorists) and have incited war on the West.
Not only the Urals has seen a growth in HuT activities. Central Asia is seeing also a growing influence of this group, after receiving ex-jihadists from Afghanistan.
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