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Sunday, 26 September 2010

UK: Muslims protest Pope Benedict's visit

They are carrying slogans like "Shariah for the Vatican", "Jesus is not God" and "God curse the Pope". But there was more:
Muslim demonstrators sang “Pope Benedict, you will pay, Islam is on its way”, “Sharia is on its way”, “Justice is on its way” (a lot is coming our way, it seems) and threatened that Sharia would be “declared” against all who insult Muhammad. They shouted to the Pope, “Watch your back,” swore that he will “burn in hell” and claimed that he “deserves the death penalty.”
As always, we see respect for other religions, good wishes for everyone and no intentions of dominating other people.

Just kidding...

The Conservative Monster has more on this.

Muslim against Crusades - new Islamist group springs up.

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