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Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Gaza: women suffer from die-hard custom of "honor killing"

M.M., a 34-year-old male resident of Sheikh Radwan neighborhood in northern Gaza City never regretted the killing of his sister, who he believed had slept with a stranger.
"I protected the honor and dignity of my clan, and now I can walk down the street holding my head high," said the man, who spoke on condition of only using the abbreviation of his name.
Having served three years in prison for the murder, M.M. thought it was a proper price to pay to keep his family's reputation.
His case was ruled as passion killing by the local court and was given a much lighter penalty than first class murders, because it was categorized as "honor killing", in which a woman was murdered by her male relatives, often her father or brothers, for sex outside marriage.
Honor killing is not entirely rare and insular in the Hamas-ruled Gaza strip of 1.5 million population, where Israel's blockage since June 2007 has increased people's poverty as well as ideological isolation.
Seven women were killed by their family members in the name of "honor" in Gaza since the beginning of 2009, while two were killed in 2008, and eight in 2007, according to a report by the Gaza-based Independent Commission for Human Rights (ICHR).
via Gaza women suffer from die-hard custom of "honor killing"_English_Xinhua.

So for the Chinese agency honor killlings happen thanks to the "Israeli blockage". Even when it's clear that Hamas has been stealing aid supplies to sell them to residents. Even UN halted aid to Gaza after the theft of thousands of tonnes.
The UN Relief and Works agency said it made the decision after Hamas personnel intercepted an aid shipment for the second time this week.
In a statement, the agency said 10 truckloads of flour and rice delivered into Gaza yesterday were taken away by trucks affiliated with the Hamas-run social affairs ministry. Earlier this week, Hamas police took away thousands of blankets and food parcels meant for needy residents.
The blockage has done nothing to the reasons why these girls are savagely killed. That happens throughout the world, whether the interested are rich or poor.

NOTE: The Stop Honor Killings' web is down. Don't know why.

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