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Sunday, 5 July 2009

GITMO: Spain probably will shelter 4 Tunisians and a Yemeni

Spanish Ministry of Interior want to be sure that they are not dangerous, before allowing the transportation of these three ex-GITMO. If it's doubtful whether they are or not dangerous, Spain will ask for a change in the sheltered ones.
Basically, the Yemeni prisoner is not dangerous. But for the most part, the Yemeni detained in GITMO are going to be transferred to Saudi Arabia, so maintaining him in Europe is going to be somewhat unusual.
The problem has to do more with the Tunisians, who were a group of 5 troopers from Al-Qaeda, who have travelled from their countries to Afghanistan and Pakistan, where they were doing auxiliary works for the terrorist network and fighting against the Anti-Taliban forces. They did not belong to AQ's hard core. "So it's probable they are now even less important for AQ's structure, as they have been isolated all those years, with no training and no knowledge of what's going on in the world", explains Parag Kanna, author of the book Second World and ex-counsellor of US Special Forces in Afghanistan. "But that doesn't mean they are not dangerous: one thing is to be an unimportant member of the organization and one another not being a hard guy inside the organization".

So everyone was shouting "shut GITMO", but then no one wants the people who were there... Interesting how hypocrites react, eh?

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