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Saturday, 4 July 2009

Honduras: Chávez stops sending oil

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has said his country is suspending oil supplies to Honduras over the recent coup in the Central American country, Spain's EFE news agency said on Friday.(...)  "We have suspended shipments of oil" produced by Petrocaribe to the country, Chavez said in his television program on Thursday night.
The Venezuelan president said Petrocaribe energy supplies to Honduras had been planned for next week.
Petrocaribe is an oil alliance between Venezuela and Caribbean nations that allows certain countries to buy oil at preferential rates.
Chavez denied claims that Venezuelan energy supplies to Honduras on preferential terms had constituted "financial assistance" to Zelaya.
And now, Chávez stops sending oil because he is really concerned about democracy and civil liberties in Honduras. How impressive!:laughing:

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