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Sunday, 5 July 2009

Somalia: clashes between Islamists and the Government continue

At least 23 people, mostly civilians, have been killed in Somalia in the lastest clash between government troops and armed rebels in Mogadishu, the capital, medics have said.
The clash on Saturday brings the death toll to more than 70 this week as government troops attempt to drive Somali rebels out of their bases in the capital.
"As of now, I can tell you that 23 died and more than 50 injuries were dropped at the hospital," Ali Muse, a paramedic, told the Reuters news agency.
The government and rebels who want to install an Islamic state in the east African country blame each other for instigating the violence.
"They (the government) started the new offensive and they were defeated and remain in an area of only 2km. They have suffered a major setback," Sheikh Muse Abdi Arale, a spokesman for the rebel Hizbul Islam group, told Reuters.
This is going to makes things even more complex in the area. These Somali Islamists have also threatened to attack Ethiopia, even if the latter has not really being alarmed by that, as they think this is "not a present and clear danger for Ethiopia".

In the latter days, Al-Shabaab has also beheaded two sons of a Christian leader.

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