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Saturday, 4 July 2009

Spain: II Islamic Congress finishes in Melilla

The II Islamic Congress organised by the Association Badr Melilla ended yesterday after three days in which a good deal of conferences have taken place in Room 400 of the Congress and Exposicions Palace, with the common motto of "knowledge through Islam". Yesterday the expert on Islamic matters, Alí Mesnaoui, who explained, in his conference "Science' basis in Islam", that this religious confession "socialised science". In fact, he informed that science, who had always been a priviledge for artistocrats and priests, transformed into something common for all people [thanks to Islam] (?). Islam reached everyone after the contact with civilizations such as Greek, Indian or Chinese ones.
From "the digital newspaper of Melilla".

Yeah, sure, Islam transformed science into something common for all people. Just because they conquered a lot and spread the knowledge of the places they conquered, it doesn't mean they actually transformed science into something common for all people.


Christopher said...

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Claudia said...

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