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Sunday, 5 July 2009

UK: Islamic courts' decisions "advise illegal actions, transgress HR standards"

Islamic Courts in UK “Seriously Out of Step” | Radical
Dozens of Islamic courts operating in the United Kingdom are “seriously out of step with trends in Western legislation,” according to a report published by London think tank Civitas on Monday.

Denis MacEoin, author of the Civitas report “Shari’a Law or One Law For All?” wrote that Shari’a rulings contained great potential for controversy and could involve acts contrary to UK legal norms and human rights legislation.

Among the rulings, we find some that advise illegal actions and others that transgress human rights standards as applied by British courts,” MacEoin wrote.
It also mentions British Government will co-sponsor two events late this year, which will promote "Islamic banking" (aka Sharia banking).
Meleagrou-Hitchens said that in October the government's UK Trade and Investment Organization is co-sponsoring the Islamic Finance and Trade Conference with the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) and the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB).

The MCB has strong connections with the Jamaat e-Islami, an Islamist political party which created the first detailed argument for the creation of an alternative, Islamist financial system. The government recently distanced itself from the MCB because Daud Abdullah, MCB's deputy-secretary general, put his name to a statement supporting violent jihad in Israel. The statement also explicitly rejects all peace initiatives in the region and makes indirect threats to British naval vessels involved in stopping the smuggling of weapons to Hamas.

He also said that the Scottish government is co-sponsoring 'Etisal 2009: Scottish-Islamic Investment Expo' with the Scottish Islamic Foundation (SIF), also in October. The chief executive of the SIF is Osama Saeed, who has written that he would welcome the return of an Islamic Caliphate and refers to Hamas suicide bombings as martyrdom operations.
What peaceful guys! Just underlining: these guys' organizations are receiving money from the State...

Zip has some photos from the inside of a British Sharia Court.

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Christopher said...

Those courts never should of been allowed to open in the first place. They have opened Pandora's Box.
Muslims there were emboldened and will never stop pushing.

Claudia said...

They should never have been allowed because from now on every other group can claim need for special treatment, breaking the equality of all citizens under the law.
Thanks for stoping by. XD

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