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Friday, 23 April 2010

Abdallah Jarbu: "only a madman would think the Jews are human"

The Hamas Minister for Religious Endowments has again spoken against the Jews and the Zionists, though this time he also adds the Crusaders, US and Europe to his hated enemies. He also says that he wants to prepare a martyrdom operation within Tel Aviv with "Ramallah authorities".

The beauty of the speaker is at the same level as ever. Really ugly this guy, hein?

Tx to An Egyptian.

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Anonymous said...

Last time I checked Jews are homosapiens...

Claudia said...

That's because your a Crusader/Zionist from the US. You just have to learn from him... (sarcasm off)

I just can't stand this guy!! Besides, he says things like these ones without ANY MSM reporting on them... :( Absolutely disgusting...

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