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Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Afghanistan: Taliban threaten to kill 2 French journalists and their Afghan translator

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Afghan Taliban militants, holding two French journalists since December, have said in a video they'd kill the captives if France doesn't meet their demands.
The Taliban demands include the release some detainees in France, CNN reported.
The two journalists were shown separately in video clips posted online, the report said.
A statement said the journalists, their translator and driver would be killed if the video is not shown on French television, the report said. Only the voices of the journalists are heard on the video.
The Taliban in a written statement said it has submitted a list of the "most ordinary detainees to the government of France for release as an exchange for the two Frenchmen and their Algerian colleague," the CNN report said. "There is no other option for the release of the said detainees except the option of detainees exchange."
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