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Sunday, 18 April 2010

"The number-one Islamic enemy is Saudi Arabia"

Lt. Col. Ralph Peters (USA-Ret.), author of Endless War, does not want to belittle Iran's threat, but he believes there is a far more dangerous Islamic enemy that the United States is doing virtually nothing about.

"As far as I'm concerned, our number-one enemy is Saudi Arabia -- period," he contends. "Saudi royal princes are still funding terror. Certainly Saudi Arabia still has the goal of a global caliphate; they just differ from al-Qaeda on means, not the ends.

"But Saudi Arabia, the most religiously repressive state in the world, is allowed to fund up to 80 percent of North American mosques and mullahs. Now how can we allow a religiously oppressive state that allows not one Christian church or synagogue on its soil, how can we allow them to dictate what isn't Islam in North America?" the retired Army officer wonders.

He notes that those Saudi-funded mosques are converting American citizens into radical Muslims.
Well, I don't see Obama protesting against Saudi Arabia, after all the criticism Bush received because of his friendship with Saudi king:

The economy can be really hard to fight against, but it's not the only cause of concern...
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