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Friday, 16 April 2010

Saudi clerics define terrorism

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An unprecedented ruling has been issued by the Saudi Arabian council of religious clerics. After years of deliberations and debates, both in public and behind closed doors, the Saudi supreme council on religious rulings, which in essence applies to the entire Muslim world, has determined a definition for one of the most talked-about words of the past decade – "terrorism".

According to the ruling, terrorism is defined as "the destruction of and damage to public resources, the highjacking of airplanes and the bombing of buildings."

...the clerics ruled that funding terror is also a crime, and that this ruling is valid all over the world and not just in Saudi territory. The clerics stressed that terror must not be funded, and that anyone funding it is to be considered a full partner in the offence. 
It's important to note that they have defined terrorism, not Islamic terrorism. In most cases, Jihad and terrorism is not considered the same and Western countries are considered as "terrorists" too. 

They have neither said what the punishment for terrorism should be.

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