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Thursday, 15 April 2010

Somalia: businessman beheaded for not paying "Jizya"

Jawa Report has the news and images. Al-Shabab has distributed the photos, with the aim (surely) of cautioning other people against disobeying the order to pay the Jizya, the tax non-Muslims should pay when the live under a Muslim lord.

The images are disturbing to say the least. Proceed with caution.

PS: Sorry, the link was not correct  . Certainly Mafalda has nothing to do with Al-Shebab. Now the link is correct.


American Delight said...

The images are awful, but people should really follow the link you've provided so they can see the "end state" that the jihadists are aiming for.

They envision a world of only three types of people: brainwashed converts to Islam, beaten & discriminated dhimmis, and headless infidels.

Claudia said...

Yes, they should, mainly because this is the type of enemy we're trying to fight against. Brainwashed and cruel converts of Islam. I just can't imagine how someone who is not cruel can kill beheading. I don't know what part drugs are playing in their behaviour, too.

Although I have to confess I saw only the first photo, and couldn't see more.

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