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Monday, 19 April 2010

Spain: Defense Minister praises Moroco

{{es|Carme Chacón, ministra de Defensa de Espa...Image via Wikipedia
Spain welcomed the efforts made by Morocco in fighting illegal immigration, drug trafficking and international terrorism.
“Morocco is making significant efforts to fight illegal immigration, drug trafficking and international terrorism,” Spanish Defence Minister, Carme Chacon said during a meeting on Wednesday in Madrid with Inspector general of the Royal Armed Forces (FAR) and Commander of the southern zone, General Abdelaziz Bennani, who led a delegation to the 6th Moroccan-Spanish Joint Military Commission (April 13-15).
A statement of Spain’s Defence ministry said that Carme Chacon expressed her country’s support to Morocco’s contribution to Operation Active Endeavour, a naval operation of the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO). It operates in the Mediterranean Sea and is designed to prevent the movement of terrorists or weapons of mass destruction as well as to enhance the security of shipping in general.
But no word about harrasment of Christians by Moroccan autorities. Of course, that is not an important fact, isn't it? The important move here is to tell Moroccan authorities what they want to hear: that they are doing everything so right. If not, there would be more international problems.
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