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Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Spain: High School passes a resolution to forbid the veil in hijab'd Najwa's affair

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Analysis: where will study Najwa now?
- Where will study Najwa from now?
- The girl's father says she will not change schools and that she's not going to stop wearing the veil. However, the institute Camilo Jose Cela de Pozuelo does not allow its students to attend class with their heads covered. The Community of Madrid has offered the family another institute in which it is permissible to do the "hijab" but have not yet received the request for Najwa's family to make the change.

- What is the deadline for the family to chose one of those two options?
"There is no deadline for these cases. However, when Najwa is finally medically able to return to school (she suffers from anxiety), she must choose between returning to Camilo Jose Cela without a veil or accepting the transfer.

- What would happen if she does not opt for either of them?
- Najwa is 16 and has yet to finish 4th of ESO, the final year of compulsory education, therefore, her parents are required by law to send her to class and end this cycle. In the event that Najwa does not choose either of the two solutions she has been offered and therefore fails to come to school Camilo Jose Cela, the established protocol for school absenteeism will be launched.

- How can you force Najwa to return to class?
"First of all, the Malha family must send the medical report attesting the medical leave of Najwa to the school. Otherwise, the days that she hasn't come to class will be counted as unexcused absences. When the center detects more than 25 hours per month unjustified (one week), it opens an internal file that will be the sent to the Central Absenteeism Committee, which will examine the case and will try to solve the problem. If she continues not attending school, the center will refer the case to the Local Committee of the City, where local social and education services will ensure that the student will return to class regularly. If the situation continues, the local board shall refer the case to the Ministry of Education and the Office for Children, the competent body to force and, if not, punish those responsible for student absenteeism.
El Mundo reports that the nearest High School, that didn't forbid the veil, has passed a regulation, on an urgent basis, to forbid it too:
Najwa, the Moroccan girl who is not allowed to attend classes at the Institute of Pozuelo Camilo Jose Cela because of wearing the hijab, was told she should change her school after the refusal of the center to change its rules.
During these days, it had been suggested that she might enroll in the school San Juan de la Cruz, close to Camilo Jose Cela and her house, because there was no rule against the use of the veil.
However, this afternoon the school board of San Juan de la Cruz has voted to change its internal rules and prohibit class attendance with the head covered, hours after Najwa's mother requested her daughter down the Camilo Jose Cela.
Madrid's Education Department has not liked the decision and has announced a decision to forbid any changes to internal regulations that affect schooling during the year.
Forced by this change, the Department has chosen Gerardo Diego High School, which is also close to her home and is better adapted to the wishes of Najwa's family.
Next month, Najwa Malha will be 17 years old and she will do it from a different perspective if we consider her previous anniversaries: from the vantage point of her religion, Islam, and dedication to it. Her passage from girl to woman marks a turning point in the life of this young woman. Those who have seen her transformation, her inner circle, does not get over their astonishment, but understand and respect the significance of his decision. "She was like a normal girl: shorts, skirts, makeup, wore her hair loose, and even gave wicks," says a friend of Najwa. "Two months ago, without saying anything before, she appeared one day with the scarf at school," adds another.
16-year-old removed from class from wearing the hijab.
School confirms hijab prohibition.
Opinions on Najwa's hijab.
National Federation of Muslims will take legal action against the school on Najwa's hijab affair.
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