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Thursday, 29 April 2010

US: "I haven't seen any evidence of Iranian military presence in Venezuela"

United States Southern CommandImage via Wikipedia
Iran is expanding its diplomatic and economic ties with Venezuela but has no military presence in the South American country, a US general said on Tuesday.
The comments came as Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez denied allegations from the Pentagon that members of Iran's Revolutionary Guard Corps' Quds Force were stationed in his country.
The leftist leader, who often heaps scorn on the United States, called a recent report "absolutely false" at a military ceremony.
The head of US Southern Command, General Douglas Fraser, said Iran was bolstering its relations with Venezuela.
"We see a growing Iranian engagement with Venezuela," Fraser told reporters.
Iran has a "diplomatic, commercial presence" but, "I haven't seen any evidence of a military presence," he said.
It would be somewhat helpful if they just firstly agree, then write the reports and then speak in public, instead of publishing reports and after critizise those same reports. In this case, the report says just the opposite to what this guy says. There is no middleground here: or Iran has military presence in Venezuela or it hasn't.

What they don't get is that each error diminish their capacity to convince people about what they say. And that's not really helpful...
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