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Saturday, 17 April 2010

US: Muslim convert kills his entire family because "needed to take his family back to Allah and out of this world of sinners"

Killed in the massacre were the suspect’s wife, Twanda Thompson, 19; their 7-month-old son, Jihad Larry, and the man’s nieces, Robeson High School student Keyshai Fields, 16, and Keleasha Larry, 3, according to relatives. Keyshai Fields and Twanda Thompson both were pregnant, family members said.
...She said her brother became a Muslim while in federal prison. In the last week, he began making ominous remarks.
“He was saying weird stuff, how he was an angel and we were demons, we were demons in the house,” she said.
...Sources involved with the investigation said the man had converted to Islam several years ago while serving time in prison and had a dispute with his wife — one of the victims — because she would not adhere to his faith.

It is obvious this man has some kind of psychiatric problem: he himself has confessed that he heard "voices". Anyway, it's also clear that he said he heard those voices after he read some Q'uran chapters, that he said he wanted to get his family "back to Allah" to prevent them from living in this "world of sinners" (why didn't he killed himself if he was so uncomfortable with sinners?) and, lastly, disputed with his wife about her not wanting to conver to Islam. So, he was really enraged (apart from mad) because his surroundings weren't as Islamic as he wanted.

Anyway, someone who hears voices, does he need any reason to kill others apart from hearing those voices?
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