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Saturday, 18 September 2010

Egypt: "Is it possible for Coptic Christians to get justice in court?", US religious freedom watchdog asks

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The U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom has called on Egypt's government to ensure the resumption of the trial of three men charged with the Christmas Eve murders of seven people in a small southern Egypt town.
Since February, court proceedings have been postponed numerous times, and USCIRF is pressing the government to ensure that Saturday's scheduled trial go on as planned.
"Justice delayed is justice denied," remarked USCIRF chair Leonard Leo, whose agency makes policy recommendations to the U.S. president, secretary of state, and congress with respect to matters involving international religious freedom.
"Is it possible for Coptic Orthodox Christians to get justice in the Egyptian court system?" he asked.
On Jan. 6, as Coptic Christians prepared to observe Christmas Day, gunmen traveling in a car opened fire in a shopping district in the town of Nagaa Hammadi and later in front of the southern Egyptian town's main church as worshipers emerged from midnight mass.
The shooting resulted in the deaths of six Christians and one Muslim security guard, who was assigned to protect the church.
Violence against Christian Copts on Christmas.
Naga Hammadi massacre, commented by Egyptian bloggers.
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