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Saturday, 25 September 2010

France: AQ warns Govt against rescuing French kidnapped nationals

Al-Qaeda has warned Paris not to attempt to rescue five French nationals kidnapped by jihadists in Niger, SITE monitoring group said Thursday, as France mobilised its forces to find them.

Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb posted a statement on jihadist forums in which it said the kidnappings came in the "context of retaliation" promised by AQIM leader Abu Musab Abdul Wadud to France, the US-based group said.

SITE said the statement carried a warning to France that they should not attempt another rescue mission "like they had done for Michel Germaneau" and that the group "will issue their legitimate demands later."

"In the context of retaliation... a group of heroic mujahedeen under the command of Sheikh Abu Zeid, may Allah protect him, were able to break into the French Arlit mining area in Niger," said the statement carried by SITE.

"Despite the tough military stands in the area and the many security cordons, the lions of Islam were able to go through all the guards and kidnap five French nuclear experts working at Areva," it said.

"We also warn of the consequences should they commit any foolish action again, because it will be doomed to fail and they will certainly pay a heavy price."
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