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Sunday, 19 September 2010

Israel: Hamas fires phosphorus shells on civilians

Flag of Hamas with Shahada calligraphy. :Ratio...Image via Wikipedia. Hamas' flag with Shahada.This happened three days ago:
Two phosphorous mortars were fired into Israel from the Gaza Strip, The Jerusalem Post reported Wednesday. "These weapons have been banned by the Geneva convention. They cause burns among victims and they kill," said Haim Yalin, head of the Eshkol Regional Council. Hamas-the Iranian-backed terrorist group that rules Gaza-has increased its attacks on the Jewish state since Israel and the Palestinian Authority resumed direct negotiations earlier this month. "So long as this autonomous Iranian entity in Gaza continues to exist, we will be fired on," Yalin said. "There are 50,000 residents who live in this area who are thirsty for peace and a normal life. And we face a Hamas entity that is unwilling to recognize Israel. We are civilians, farmers, students, all being fired on indiscriminately."
When Israel used them, there was an international uproar against its use. When Hamas uses it, it barely gets to front pages. Another example of double standards. What happens: Israeli lives are worth less than Palestinian ones?
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