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Monday, 27 September 2010

Italy: Milan's new Muslim party

Muslims praying outside Milan's Catholic Cathedral, il Doumo.
From Hurricane_53 (Translation: T&P):
By now, every MSM will know about the new electoral lists to be presented at the next local elections 2011 Milan. The party will be called "The new Milan", Esar, in short, wnd it will be a party composed of immigrant Muslims, fellow citizens in Milan.
Though the leader of the Islamic center in Milan (and responsible party of the unborn -yet- party) Abdel Hamid Shaari (who was rejected from Egypt as "persona non grata", and who organised communal prayers on Friday in Milan, Piazza Duomo, Cardinal Tettamanzi is compliant and complacent with the idea, because he is sure it wouln't be an Islamic party (ie, religiously motivated). But there is however, a risk that can't be denied: that of electing someone who would ask at Palazzo Marino for the application of the Qu'ranic law, the Sharia.
Hence, as was prophetised by some, there will be a party of and by Muslims. And for them, civil law (and criminal!) must coincide with the Qu'ran, if it's to be applied, as the Qu'ran is the first source of law. That doesn't fit perfectly (to be euphemistic) with the Gospel, but neither with our general principles of law and good and universal Rights (you think. Eg. t the rhe right of the father of killing her daughter, the right to stoning adultery, seggregation of males and females in public places or buses opened to the public, theaters, swimming pools, etc., polygamy, the right to divorce his wife, the lack of protection for minors, etc.).
Of course, not all Muslims are devout practitioners. But ... there is always a but.
Now candidates are indeed shrouded of good purposes, free from any sectarian connotations.
But once you sit on the benches of the Local Council will they be as secular as they have promised during the election campaign? Will they respect the principles guaranteed by the Constitution? Will they respect the secular establishment and the freedom of citizens' conscience?. Will they split the religious ethics from politics, faith acts from the legislation? Will they resist pressure from the imam of the members to be more "severe"?
And what happens then? Doubt and scepticism in this matter has nothing to do with issue of immigration. But the actual situation, in which there are present strong tensions and confrontations with "cultural" ones known to all, harden the exercise of voting rights.
Are we confident that this is the right time to let Muslims enter in politics? Are Muslim candidates ready to swear on the Italian Constitution, even at the expense of their principles and their "traditions"? And in fulfilling this oath? Are they sufficiently integrated? The right to vote, in our opinion, can not be thought an instrument to implement the integration, but the consequence of this process.
Are we confident that, once elected, they will remain moderate, enlightened and intellectually honest? They do not do our Italian politicians... could not even do them. And if so ... Another Sexgate, wiretapping, judicial persecution complex, etc. ...
And are we ready to do healthy Italian politics, with a legal and secular opposition where it is necessary to protect our guarantees? Are they ready to defend the secular nature of the institutions or will the latter be in danger if they admit political Islam, defending the latter (considering it) "threatened" by Christians "attack"? Àre they ready to discuss about policy (which could become even cultural)? Or in the name of gooders and integration, wrongly understood, will this only cause a breakdown of our social and civic culture?
Is not that also by politics, and using our own tools, now we are delivering to them the "Islamic colonization" of Italy?
Is it not that by weakening more and more the Christian identity of both Italy and Europe we are putting we are putting the seeds of Eurabia, as Fallaci predicted? Italian! Christian (politicians and voters)! Think about it! Entering in politics, it's hardly reassuring to hear the cry "We're coming !!!". And we, how do we respond?
Photo: Hurricane_53.


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