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Sunday, 19 September 2010

Saudi Arabia: activist calls for the end of male control over women

Young Saudi Arabian woman wearing Islamic clot...Image via Wikipedia. Young Saudi Arabian woman wearing Islamic clothing, as required by Sharia.
I don't think she is going to be very succesful. Ansamed:
Saudi Arabian women's rights activist Wajeeha Alhuwaider has called for the political leadership in the country to abolish rules granting male authority over women, said Al Jazeera's website, which stressed the controversy that the request has created.
So what is the controversy about? About "Westernization". An Islamic activist and journalist Amira Salem, believes that her remarks are just "an extension of the American strategy that is focused on the rights of Saudi women". And another Islamic writer, named Ibraheem Assakran, said that "there is an enormous project of Westernization, based on the issue of Saudi women", adding that "they (that is, Westerners) want women and men to see each other and become friends like in the West".
WOW. What about driving? Marrying the man they want,not their families? Travelling alone? Having a carreer of their own? Being able to dress in a normal, modern dress, not as Arabian Peninsula 780 BC?
Japan, for example, has evolved, maintaining their own traditions, but adopting those mores which can be considered as necessary to live now. There were people who opposed to it, of course, but in the end they succeeded in being a modern country with very ancient traditions.
But it's interesting to note, nevertheless, that Mr. Assakran is worried mainly about men being friends with women. 
Found at Poste de Veille.
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