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Thursday, 23 September 2010

Spain: Moroccan man condemned to 45-years in prison for raping 4 women in 2 months

The Court of Murcia has sentenced a man to a total prison term of 45 years, after, between September and November 2008, he raped four women in various parts of Los Alcazares, one of them, near the cemetery.

The ruling indicates that this man of Moroccan origin, sexually assaulted the first woman on September 3 in Los Narejos. He threat her with a knife, raped and injured her.

Just over a month later, in the service road of the highway, he approached another woman, raped and hurt her and also stole her money and jewelry.

On November 2 he did the same with another woman, who was walking her your dog. The woman was raped but also robbed and injured.

In this case however, he had to flee when the victim's husband, alarmed when she hasn't come back home, went to fetch her, "surprising the defendant on his wife."

The latest rape took place on November 8, when the victim was riding her bicycle to the cemetery Dolores de Pacheco and was forced to masturbate him. He also took her money and jewelry.

In addition to the prison sentences which he has to fulfill, the accused is also condemned to indemnify each of the victims with €40,000 for moral damages, plus the correlative amount of injuries.

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