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Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Spain: Moroccan man kills sister, tries to hide it by calling emergencies

An honour killing case? Police have found clues that lead to a domestic violence case, though it's too early to know it. We'll wait and see: El Mundo:
A 37-year-old Moroccan man has been arrested on suspicion of killing his 47-year-old sister, at his home in the village of Llano de Brujas (Murcia). She was hit repeatedly with a frying pan in the head during a fight for unknown reasons, informed a spokesman of this body.

The detainee, who is now at Civil Guard HQs at Santomera whose agents are investigating this case, called the emergency phone at 0:50 a.m., apparently worried because his sister didn't open her house's door.

Local police rushed to the scene and, upon entering the house, agents found the woman dead, lying on the ground beside a large pool of blood and a hole in the head. The death has been certified by the physician of the medicalized Emergency Unit.

Apparently, agents have arrested the brother after hearing theneighbour's testimony. Witnesses have said that there was a fight between brothers and the agents have discovered clues that point to a domestic violence case.

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