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Sunday, 19 September 2010

US: Fla. pastor who threatened to burn the Koran, could be forced to pay security bill

The cost of providing security for the pastor who threatened to burn the Koran on the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks totaled at least $200,000 -- and the controversial minister may be forced to foot the bill, The Gainesville Sun reported Friday.
The city of Gainesville, Fla., said it intends to present pastor Terry Jones a bill for $100,000, the amount it cost the Gainesville Police Department to devote almost its entire police force to monitoring the Dove World Outreach Center -- the tiny evangelical church led by Terry Jones -- after news of his threat spread across the world.
The Alachua County Sheriff’s Office, which also estimates it spent $100,000 on providing security to Jones, said 160 of the 242 deputies on duty last Saturday were specifically assigned to police the planned protest of the scheduled burning. Sheriff Sadie Darnell said she is considering sending the bill to Jones.
The "menace" was stupid, it was just "provocative". But forcing him to pay the security bill , without warning him first that they were going to make him pay, is absolutely wrong. Firstly, because even if it's stupid, he has the right to burn it; secondly, because no one told him that his action was going to have consequences (is this stated by any US law?) and thirdly, because he didn't threaten anyone's security. Even if his action was absolutely ridiculous, he never threatened other people's lives, properties.... Why this security bill is not presented to the various groups which threatened him?
By the way, this seems to me a measure to prevent him from doing similar things in the future....
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