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Thursday, 7 October 2010

France: man charged for urinating on the Qu'ran

A blogger who filmed himself burning the Koran and urinating on it to put out the flames is to appear in court in eastern France, charged with incitement to religious hatred, legal sources said on Tuesday.

...In the film, which was posted on the Internet, the 30-year-old blogger from Bischheim near Strasbourg is seen sitting in his living room wearing a devil's mask and tearing pages out of a copy of the Koran to make paper airplanes.

He then throws the airplanes at two upended boxes, arranged to look like the Twin Towers in New York, before burning the book on his balcony and urinating on it.

The man, who was arrested on Monday, faces up to five years in prison after being identified by police using his telephone number which is visible in the images.

"He claims full responsibility. He says he's not a right-wing extremist but that in France he can burn the Koran, just as he can burn a Winnie the Pooh book, without worrying about the consequences," Strasbourg deputy prosecutor Gilles Delorme told Reuters.
This is a similar case to the one of the Fla. pastor. I think this kind of moves are a little bit stupid. He's not solving anything with this move. But he's got a point: a book, whatever the meaning others give to it, it's just a book. Other considerations would really mean that what other people believes in, we should too. That is, in this case, that we all should consider the Qu'ran as a holy book or, in other words, that the Sharia is legal.

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