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Friday, 1 October 2010

Indonesia: "Homosexuality is an abuse of Human Rights", top Muslim body says

From AFP:
Indonesia's top Islamic body said Friday homosexuality is an abuse of human rights and demanded the government ban an ongoing gay and lesbian film festival. (yes, you have read correctly...).
It also condemned foreign cultural centres for showing the films at private screenings, three days after angry Muslims held protests outside the venues.
"We reject the screening of the films which contain gay and homosexual lives as they are against Islamic and Indonesian cultural values," Indonesia Ulema Council (MUI) chairman Ma'ruf Amin said.
"The foreign representatives including the German and French cultural centres must show their respect for our sovereignty. They should not bring their culture which goes against our local values," he said.
And some "hardliners" have come to suport this "body". From AFP:
Dozens of Islamic hard-liners protested against an international gay film festival in Indonesia's capital Tuesday, forcing the cancellation of several screenings. 
The Q! Film Festival, being held at foreign cultural centres in Jakarta, opened last week and was slated to run until Wednesday night. In its ninth year, it aims to raise awareness of gay issues. 
Members of the hardline Islamic Defenders Front — some wearing masks, white robes and turbans — chanted anti-gay slogans and said the movies were blasphemous
Showings at the Goethe Institute of Germany, which was being guarded by police, would not be disrupted, said Dinyah Latuconsina, the centre's program assistant. 
But the French Cultural Center and Japan Foundation decided to halt remaining screenings.
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