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Sunday, 3 October 2010

Macedonia: "Wahabbism is becoming a concern but doesn't represent a security threat"

Just give them a little time... from SETimes:
Wahhabism is becoming a concern but does not represent a security threat, Macedonian Interior Minister Gordana Jankulovska and visiting Serbian counterpart Ivica Dacic agreed during talks at the weekend.

"These groups have been followed for over a year and at the moment they do not represent a great security threat to both countries. Still, there is the danger that the region can be a base for recruitment of terrorists," Dacic said after meeting with Jankulovska on Saturday (September 18th).

Over the past several months, groups affiliated with the conservative Wahhabi movement have taken control of five mosques, and the split among Macedonia's Muslims appears to be deepening. The Islamic Community (IVZ) is at sharp odds with hardliners led by Ramadan Ramadani.

IVC leader Sulejman Redzepi has called on the "government, the parties of Albanians in Macedonia, foreign diplomats, especially the embassies of the US and the EU, to support the IVZ and undertake [all] measures against these radical elements".

During Ramadan, radical Kosovo imam Sefket Krasnici preached at Skopje's "Chair" stadium, attracting a crowd of several thousand. He shocked the country with his denunciations of Mother Teresa, a native of the Skopje area whom many consider a saint.

"She belongs in the middle of Hell because she did not believe in Allah, the prophet and the Qur'an ... Even if she believed in God her belief was incomplete, with deficiencies. God does not accept such worship," Krasnici said.

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