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Monday, 18 October 2010

Somalia Al-Shabab executes two Ethiopians for being "spies"

The radical Islamist insurgent group al-Shabab linked to al Qaeda, publicly executed two Ethiopian national citizens in the district of Elasha Biyaha in Mogadishu after having accused them of spying, official sources confirmed to Efe.
The two men, handcuffed and blindfolded, were taken yesterday to a soccer field located in one of the biggest camps for displaced people in the world, the Hall of Afgoi, a little over 20 kilometers from the capital of Somalia.
Al Shabab officials told the public through a megaphone that the two men were Ethiopians who had been taken to the place to be executed, to which the present responded with chants and anti-Ethiopian slogans.
The governor of Al Shabab in Mogadishu, Sheikh Mohammed Hussein Ali (above, seated), said in front of the audience for the first time was to run two spies of Ethiopian nationality.
"By the will of God, we have captured these two enemies, two Ethiopian intelligence officers who were trying to accomplish a mission," said Hussein. "Both are Christians and therefore they are enemies of God and Muslims," he added.
After the speech, "several armed rebels who covered their faces with turbans dragged the two men, who had both legs and arms chained to the center of the field, where they shot dead," said Abdullahi Abdi, a witness of the facts, to EFE.
After the execution, Hussein said that many more spies would be brought to the same place where they would receive the same sentence: "In this site we will execute spies, many agents of the CIA and the Ethiopian government will end up here," said .
With the execution of these two Ethiopians, it is estimated that 10 people had been murdered by Al Shabab in public on charges of espionage, although they are the first foreigners.

Photo: European Photo Press Service.

(Translation: T&P).

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