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Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Somalia: NGOs warn about humanitarian crisis in refugee camps

NGOs warn of humanitarian crisis in Somalian refugee camps | World | Deutsche Welle | 05.10.2010:
The UNHCR used satellite technology to take a bird's eye view of the refugee camps to be able to analyze their scope and register the refugees' movement. The pictures from space reveal that the settlements were built hastily and without any form of coordination. They lack infrastructure and hospitals; waste water doesn't get treated, and there are no schools for the children. The UNHCR, who published these satellite pictures on their web site, speak of a humanitarian crisis happening in the camps whose scope is worrying.

The worst thing, said Melissa Fleming, was that urgently needed help isn't getting to the people. "The very difficult security situation makes it almost impossible for UNHCR and our partner agencies to operate in Mogadishu at all," she said. This also applied to the Somali non-governmental organizations, who UNHCR are relying on to access the displaced people in the camps.
Related: Somalia's ambulance workers risk death to rescue wounded; 20 dead in 3 days of fighting.

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