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Monday, 4 October 2010

Spain: Another local council bans the burqa inside its premises

Galapagar has become this October the first town in Madrid that vetoes the use inside the local council's offfice of both burqa and niqab, garments that cover the face and prevent the identification of individuals.

This was agreed at the last plenary session in July and now the mayor of Galapagar, Daniel Pérez Muñoz, approved by decree the performance of this agreement.

The proposal forbids the use of full veils (burqa or niqab) in municipal buildings and facilities of the Galapagar, and any other garments that hide the face and hinder the identification of the person and visual communication, "as it is a discrimination that is not covered by freedom of religion, being contrary to the people's dignity and to real and effective dignity of men and women".

Under this decree, people in charge of the accesse to the council have been informed that its fulfillment will be required to access control of all municipal buildings and facilities, as well as the heads of various departments of the City Hall.

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