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Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Spain: counter-terrorism report alerts about possible suicide attacks

La Gaceta:
"The process started months ago with the arrival of former Islamist prisoners of Guantanamo Bay. But we must add to that, the continued rise of Salafism as a doctrine which is gaining in significance throughout the Spanish geography. Moreover, the threat is seriously affected by the release of jihadist prisoners, not just those who have served time in Spain, but of those who are acquitted following their arrest for acts related to jihadist activity, "says a report by the responsible for fighting terrorism.
Those acquitted by the High Court the report refers to are Spanish national Gonzalo López Royo (aka "salaam1420", above) and Morocccan Fath Allah Sadaqa, arrested by the Guardia Civil after finding that these two men ennobled Islamic jihad over the Internet. The Third Division of the High Court, presided by Judge Alfonso Guevara and speaker Gregorio Ruiz Polanco, recognized as a fact that "the statements made by the two defendants were intended as a tribute to a Chechen guerrilla militant, devoting their website to all Muslims who die and suffer at the hands of the infidels, the desire to transform Spain again in Caliphate (and) their call for jihad and martyrdom (...) The accused Fath Allah Sadaqa uploaded to Youtube two videos, one with reference to three leaders of Al Qaeda, and another image of an attack against a U.S. vehicle in Iraq. "
The resolution of last June 21st, resolved to acquit both accused of "the crime of praising terrorism and contempt for the victims of terrorism with all the inherent favorable pronouncements such absolution has" . 
The police report also warns about the possibility of suicide bombings in Spain, "in time and place unknown." It also clarifies that Spanish police has succeded in thwarting them by now "thanks to international collaboration, specially due to information generated in the heart of Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM)". Here, experts make a review of terrorist events in our country that demonstrate the Islamic penetration at all levels that we are facing now.
"About the rise and establishment of Salafism in our territory, we must mention the holding of a congress of the Islamist ideology in the town of Salt (Gerona) on days 24 to 28 June under the theme "Youths' import and their importance in society"(...) (left, Salafist imam, Abdelwahab Houzi, from Lérida conducting Ramadan service). Another Salafi Muslim meeting took place in Torredembarra (Tarragona), and one in Santa Coloma de Gramanet. As for the movement Tabligh Al Dawa ("Spread the Call"), a missionary radical movement from the Indo-Pakistan area, held a mashura (meeting, in Arabic) in Torre Pacheco (Murcia) in June this year ".
That same month, a group of eight members of that organization visited the mosque in Alicante, where they performed work of indoctrination. Then they went to the mosque in the neighborhood of La Palmilla in Malaga, where they developed work of proselytism and recruitment. Afterwards, they went to the Islamic Center of Alguanzas in Murcia, to exercise their special ministry.
The attitude of the imam of Cartagena's mosque doesn't go unnoticed to the report. He was bothered (and acted accordingly) by prostitute because of their profession and the shops surrounding the mosque who sell alcohol to his parishioners.
The report continues examining the activities of Moroccan Islamic party Justice and Charity, which, according to this police report, "is to rent premises for its various offices, such as seems to occur in Tarragona, where they rented one with an approximate area of 800 square meters, with a option to buy it later ".
The proliferation of web pages containing fundamentalist views is unstoppable in our country. One of them is the one set up by the Islamic Liberation Party (HUT), "which has shown interest in expansion, with plenty of links that refer to different websites and forum ratings where participants are advised of an alleged infiltration Western security services. This communication system is a useful tool for information exchange for the global community of Al Qaeda".
Also the counterterrorism officials are paying special attention to the appearance in our country's media of Moroccan-linked website XXI Century, which is "published in Spanish weekly. The director is Said Ida Hassan, described as a faithful defender of the Moroccan government". Its publication has a circulation of 15,000 copies. 
The report contains an exam under the heading of "High risk against any Spanish interest" in North Africa and Sahel, of the situation in the are. It says that "the risk of kidnappings of Westerners" has increased and that there is a "maintained level of insecurity in the region. Pakistan and Afghanistan, where the offensive is still significant jihadist groups in response to military actions in both countries and the U.S.. Population and international interests are under threat throughout the region".
Regarding other possible terrorist groups from these two countries (Pakistan and Afghanistan) which are active in Spain, the report says: "As for the Asian groups, it is important to note that the presence in Spain of members belonging to terrorist groups from the Afghan-Pakistan axis continues to be reported, while pointing out that their activity focuses mainly on logistics and / or financing activities logically related to common crime. "
However, terrorist groups from the Maghreb are the most investigated ones by agents of counter-terrorism and so it's acknowledged in their report: "North African groups remain the most investigated in the context of terrorist activity. It is significant that along with the usual geographical origin of the majority, mainly North Africans, are still significant cases arising in the Sahelian belt, as Mauritanian and Mali, and even countries located in central and eastern Africa. "
Islamic moral police in action.
Italian prosecutors's report shows AQIM recruitment.
Salafist imam charged for coercing a woman to wear the hijab
Spanish national defends before a judge that "Mujaheedins can never be terrorists".
Dangers of locating mosques in industrial areas.

PS: The forum post says:
"Al-Andalus is Islamic land.
It's leadered by Kuffars, but with a legislation in a land which is as Islamic as Cairo or Baghdad.
This concept can't go out of our sight.
Al-Andalus is not the same as France, the UK or the USA. THIS is already a Muslim land, won by the Muslims (looks like they won it in the lotto, or something..) and once a land is Islamic, it's Islamic for ever. The facts that happened after that doesn't matter.
What is true is that Muslims are beginning here a time of rebirth that has to allow us to build an Islamic society in this our land".

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