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Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Spain: Islamic Center accepts to move mosque

Torrent's Islamic Center has agreed with the neighbors of Nicholas Andreu, at a meeting orchestrated by the Office of Mayor of the City, paralyzing the work being undertaken in a building on Calle San Ernesto to convert it into a mosque and find another location that satisfies all parties.

For seven years, Muslims have come to the headquarters of Torrent's Islamic center located in a room of just 120 square feet of Nicholas Andreu Street and had never had any problems with neighbors. However, the growing number of faithful forced many to stay in the street to pray at the designated days of the Muslim calendar.

Therefore, the Islamic Center sought and rented a closer and more extensive than could accommodate smoothly to 200 or 300 worshipers. This is a warehouse located in the basement of a building on Rue Saint Ernesto, in the same neighborhood. However, this new location seemed to disturb the neighbors who claimed, from their Association, that the street is very narrow, there are parking problems and that there are two schools close so that, at peak times, it can be to collapse.

The makers of the Islamic Center, meanwhile, do not understand the complaints recalling that during seven years there has been no notable incidents and that the relocation was done precisely to avoid nuisance to neighbors. But the desire to avoid a conflict with the neighbors has led to the Hall to mediate in the negotiation between both parties to reach a consensual solution.

Although the Muslim Association had already begun work on the ship rented by pulling some walls, has reached agreement with the neighbors to paralyze the work and find another location that would satisfy all parties.

The mayor of the municipality, Maria José Català, has acknowledged being "satisfied" with the outcome of the negotiations as "the reference of the government team has been at all times comply with current legislation and the welfare of neighbors."

"We had the cooperation of locals who have understood from the outset that the best option was to work with the government team for the proper resolution of this conflict," he said.
Source (found).

Barcepundit compares the treatment that Spanish MSM is doing of Ground Zero mosque and this one: "In Ground Zero's affair, everybody has been giving their opinion: Islamophobes, racists, intolerants, scared shitless, imperialists, bloody invaders of Islamic lands, blablabla... The polemic has been on the TV news opening. We will see what they say regarding this affair".

(Translation: T&P).

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