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Friday, 22 October 2010

Sudan: Is Separation after the Referendum Possible?

Special Report on the Sudan: Is Separation after the Referendum Possible? - International - Catholic Online:
Omar al-Bashir, AU meeting
"why is the North hell bent on retaining this area? The simple answer is: Oil. The south is oil rich with the Khartoum government administering the sale of this oil. If the South were to separate then Khartoum would lose much of its wealth. Additionally, allowing autonomy to Southerners means that similar call from Darfur in the West and slowly the domination of the Islamist government of this large country (covering a surface area as vast as the entirety of Western Europe) begins to disintegrate.

The likelihood of Khartoum (supported by the Arab League) allowing this to occur is close to zero. Omar-al-Bashir, president of Sudan (president since the military coup of 1989 and -my note- accused of genocide by ICC) is already making excuses as to why the government will renege on the agreement under the Comprehensive Peace agreement."

I expect all the "no more blood for oil" crowds are preparing themselves avidly to protest against a real war about oil.  If they were coherent and not anti-US basically.

Of course, in reality, I am not the least optimistic of anyone protesting: there is no dreaded Western leader accusing Sudanese regime of what it is. A genocidal regime of non-Muslims and also of non-Arab Muslims. Racism, religious persecution, violence, Janjaweed.

Meanwhile, the international community is condemning Europe and the US about "Islamophobia", because of the full veil bans and the Ground Zero mosque affair. When the problems will begin, that hypocrite international community will just say that "we didn't know" or "how dreadful" but without doing anything to prevent violence before it has taken place.

Pathetic. Disgusting. Hypocritical.

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