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Monday, 4 October 2010

Turkey: Nationalist Party holds prayer in Armenian Cathedral

If some people would just think about this when mentioning Córdoba's Cathedral... (Translation: T&P):
The Armenian Apostolic Church on Saturday condemned the holding of a Muslim prayer hundreds of Turkish nationalists organized in an old Armenian cathedral in eastern Turkey with the permission of Turkish authorities.The Nationalist Action Party (MHP opposition) had organized a Friday prayer in congregation in the Cathedral of Our Lady Ani, the ruined capital of a medieval Armenian kingdom located near Kars, near the border with Armenia to Turkey.This ceremony was widely interpreted as a response to mass history allowed for the first time in 95 years by the Turkish authorities on 19 September, the Armenian Church of the Holy Cross, Van (east). It was the first Mass ever celebrated since the massacres and deportations of the First World War.
The Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) announced earlier this week its intention to bring together supporters on Friday to a group prayer in the Cathedral of Our Lady and the party won regional authorities and the Ankara government permissions.On August 16th 1064, the Seljuk leader Alparslan Ani won the city and he dropped the cross of the cathedral and said a prayer on Friday. Aktash, who is head of the branch of the party wanted to reproduce the event in Kars after 946 years.According to a previous press release, the president of the nationalist Devlet Bahceli decided to begin the campaign for elections to the parliament with this prayer in the Cathedral on October 1.
The Cathedral of Ani is a pearl of the original architecture of the Caucasus. Ani was the capital of an Armenian kingdom in the Middle Ages, which extended largely on Armenia and eastern Turkey today.The Cathedral was founded by order of King Sembat II and was completed under the patronage of the wife of King Gagik I, Queen Katranide. The Cathedral was dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary. It was built by the talented architect Tiridates, which was said monuments of the 10th century that they prefigured the Gothic style that came to Europe several centuries later.
 What respect for other people's religion, hein?

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