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Friday, 22 October 2010

UK: IFE supported Rahman Lufter wins on Tower Hamlets

As Guido says, Welcome to the People’s Islamic Republic of Tower Hamlets:
Lutfur Rahman
"Backed by extremists, the independent Rahman Lufter has won his smear campaign against the Labour Party and taken control of almost a billion pound budget as the Mayor of Tower Hamlets. Andrew Gilligan has become somewhat expert on the race and reports of Luftur’s supporters scolding women on the way to the polls for their immodest dress and lists the wake of destruction his campaign has left. But who was it that helped this dubious race? Well the candidate had the backing of Respect and extreme Islamic groups, but it seems that there was one endorsement he was particularly proud of if his leaflets are anything to go by:"
"Red Ken" Livingstone's support for Rahman.
I don't think anyone's surprised on Red Ken's support, after his friendship with Al-Qaradawi.

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