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Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Germany: stabbed for wearing the veil

As I said before: you consider that using violence is based on desperation because of "injustice", and you can see that used by anyone with any motive:
Sherbini, 32, was killed in a court in the northern German city of Dresden on Wednesday shortly before she was to give evidence in an appeal lodged by her attacker.
The 28-year-old attacker, identified only as Axel W. had been convicted and fined after calling her a "terrorist" for wearing the Islamic headscarf.
According to the Egyptian press, Sherbini was three months pregnant when she was killed. She was laid to rest in her hometown of Alexandria in northern Egypt on Monday.
via AFP: Egypt cleric seeks stiff penalty as 'veil martyr' buried.

Just read Esther's post on the subject. I think the most important think of it is this paragraph:
So far this year, one hijab-wearing Muslim girl was killed in Germany for not being Muslim enough.  Another 20-year old was killed for not being a virgin.  This follows up on dozens of cases in the past few years were Muslim women were killed by their Muslim family for not being Muslim enough.  As far as I know Sherbini's case is the first one in Germany (possibly in  Europe), where a woman is killed for being Muslim.
A lot of outrage when one woman is killed supposedly because she was a Muslim. None if they are killed daily because of "Islamic culture". Fair?


Maggie Thornton said...

I went to Esther's. What a strange story. Your analysis is spot-on as is hers.

Claudia said...

There are some black points (inactivity of police while that madman was stabbing the girl and shooting his husband). But for me the interesting thing is that poems have been written to her, mass funerals have been held, etc, etc. BUT, nothing is said about women killed in honor killings, about people murdered and tortured in the name of Islam, etc.
I would name that hypocrisy: political Islam can profit about this murder, not about honor killings...

NoDhimmi said...

She was not killed because she was muslim. she was called a "terrorist" because she offensively wear a headscarf. she was then killed, because he sued the guy for allegedly defaming her.

Claudia said...

She was not killed because she was muslim

The adverb "supposedly doesn't tell you something? That's what her family said. But she was killed by a man with a mental disorder who supported the Nazi ideology. Islamic communities on the other hand never protest against honor killings or other brutalities supported by imams or Islamic holy texts (such as cliterydectomy, flogging, maiming, etc.).
So, why so much noise about one death (sad, but the rest are also as sad as this was), but no word, no criticism about murders committed in the name of Islam?

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