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Monday, 6 July 2009

Spain: Summer course about Islam in Zaragoza

Europa Press:
A summer course in Zaragoza's University in the city of Jaca (Huesca) will have as main subject Islam's situation in the present time, from a social, juridical and political point of view. One of the teachers who has organised the event, Zoila Combalía, explained in some statements to Europa Press that the main objective of this course is to "make the people understand which are the main questions regarding Islam's presence in Spain to "give solutions". "We also want to give  correct image of Islam, because nowadays people have a lot of topics, but no real knowledge of it", she continued. The main problems have to do with polygamy, disowing, Islamic dowry, inheritances and relationships between parents and sons.
(...) Other conflictive questions are women's rights, freedom of expression and religious freedom. SHe added that "we have to know very well the Islamic concept of Human Rights to be able to open a dialogue".

Jihadi terror and its diference with Islam will be another of the subjects of this course.


AOW said...

More obfuscation and lying will be the theme of this course.

Universities all over the world are the enablers of jihad and Islamification, as far as I'm concerned.

Claudia said...

There has been an Islamic congress in Melilla, which finished some days ago. The conclusions they reached, among others, were:

science, who had always been a priviledge for artistocrats and priests, transformed into something common for all people [thanks to Islam] (?). Islam reached everyone after the contact with civilizations such as Greek, Indian or Chinese ones.

Well, I just don't see the truth of that statement. Science, as something which requires not only intelligence but work, has always been a priviledge. The inexistence of "aristocrats and priests" in Islam is disputable, firstly because Islamic society is even now very "aristocratic" (lots of poor people, very few billionaires) and, secondly, because imams and clerics have always had a very relevant position in society.

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