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Friday, 23 April 2010

Gaza: Hamas "raises" taxes, burns "painkillers" and confiscates cigarettes

Well, in reality that's an euphemism. The terrorist organization is not raising the taxes, they are just asking anyone which is "doing" a non-taxed "activity" to pay... without any law that says expressly why they should pay and what amount:

In the last couple of weeks, Gaza Strip store keepers, owners of supermarkets and grocery stores complained that the deposed government of Hamas movement in Gaza is imposing unreasonable and unfair taxes on products such as cigarettes, cars, motorcycles, electric generators and fuels.
"They (Hamas government) are searching for any reason to collect money from the poor people who have been suffering from the Israeli siege, which shows the real financial crisis that Hamas is passing through these days," Abu Ahmed, another store keeper who declined to give his full name, told Xinhua.
Mohsen Abu Ramadan, a Gaza-based economist, told Xinhua that any government in the world "has the right to collect taxes from the people, but in accordance with a transparent and clear law of taxes and customs," adding "unfortunately, the tax situation in Gaza doesn't have any basic law."

"Normally, the population who pay regular taxes or customs to their states and governments usually get benefits in return, however, we don't feel that we have in Gaza such a fact, but because the government in Gaza passes through a fiscal crisis, it wanted to fulfill the deficiency by collecting taxes," he said.
But there's more:
Gaza's Hamas rulers on Tuesday burned nearly 2 million pills of a painkiller many Gazans take recreationally because they say it relaxes them and provides temporary relief from the territory's hardships.
The disposal of the drugs comes days after the Islamic militant group confiscated cigarettes from Gaza shops to collect taxes on them. Both moves are part of Hamas' efforts to strengthen its grip on Gaza and impose its strict interpretation of Islam on the impoverished seaside territory's 1.5 million Palestinian residents.
Hamas Health Minister Basim Naim said authorities burned some 1.7 million pills of a drug called Tramadol that had been seized from smugglers who sneak it through tunnels under the Egyptian border. (Those tunnels are only for smuggling weapons to use them against the Jooooozzz).
Tramadol is a powerful painkiller, related to morphine and heroin, though most countries don't treat it as a controlled substance. Experts have said that those who stop taking the drug after regular use often develop flulike withdrawal symptoms, though long-term effects are rare.
So, let me explain this. People who we are informed that don't have anything to eat, even if they rank up to be one of the fattest people in the world and where the gold market is actually flourishing, are using "recreational drugs to enhance sex" (see below)!

But hey they culprit for Gazans taking Tramadol is... of course, Israel and Cast Lead operation:
In late 2008, Israel launched a 3-week offensive in Gaza to stop militant rocket fire on Israeli towns. The war killed about 1,400 Gazans and left vast swaths of the strip in ruins.
The violence and hardship only increased demand for Tramadol, which Gazans who take it recreationally say takes their minds off their worries. Other say it delays ejaculation, enhancing sex. A sheet of eight pills costs around 40 shekels, or a little over $10.
Are they going EVER to feel responsible of having Hamas as their Government or are they going to continue blaming Israel till the end of time?

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