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Friday, 23 April 2010

Somalia: implement Sharia Law and foreign troops unwelcome, clerics say

Flag of the Islamic Courts, according to this ...Flag of Somali Islamic Courts. Image via Wikipedia
This is the Government we are supporting. No Al-Shabab, no Al-Qaeda here:
the Islamic scholars jointly issued a 12 point communiqué that highlights the current scenarios facing Somalia, and condemning many un-Islamic practices used to fuel the escalating conflict and also warning the people.
They called on the Muslims to strictly follow the Islamic way of life and adhere to the ways in which Prophet Muhammad (...) used in reaching out to the population.
Authorities in Somalia were urged to implement the Islamic Shari'ah Law in the areas they control.
The Islamic clerics warned of legitimizing shedding Muslim blood in the "disguise of fighting for Islam" and also tagging a Muslim person as an infidel without taking the due process.
Hey, with the "due process" you can tag a Muslim person as infidel. So imagine someone who is not a Muslim...
"Somalis are Muslims and they need to be calmly corrected in terms of their faith, culture and behavior. So, it is not acceptable for these groups fighting in Somalia to judge each other and other people as apostate," reads the communiqué issued at the conclusion of the Islamic conference in Garowe.
The clerics also agreed that the war that is going on in Somalia is an "incitement"rather than a holy war (jihad), as claimed by the Islamist insurgent factions like Al Shabaab.
The communiqué condemned the presence of foreign troops in the country, saying they are not welcomed by the Somali people. Mogadishu is home to about 5,300 soldiers from Uganda and Burundi who are serving under an African Union peacekeeping mandate.
The presence of foreign troops inside the war-torn country is "dangerous to the religion and socio-political well being of the population," it adds. (Oh, wait, their Muslim "purity" could be contaminated by non-Muslim forigners... Bunch of racists Islamic supremacists...)
Acts of piracy along the Somalia's coastline was also condemned in the communiqué, terming it "dangerous and shameful to Islam" and also degrading the people's way of life.
The Somali Islamic scholars proposed a large reconciliation conference to be held inside Somalia, which would bring together all the Islamic scholars to discuss the way forward in the bid to find a lasting solution for the swelling problems that face Somalia at the moment.
Who would they be reconciled with? Al Shabab?

Has African Union something to say about it? [I think Lybia is now chairing it, so, ... no] Has Ban "I make trips to condemn Israelis but never when it's a Muslim country" Ki-Moon sais something about this "peaceful" communiqué?
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