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Friday, 23 April 2010

Raúl Castro, Hugo Chávez and Evo Morales: what a trio!!

The New Village PeopleImage by LeX (O\_!_/O) via Flickr
On the 200 anniversary of Venezuelan independence's acts:
Raúl Castro said that Venezuela and Cuba “are increasingly the same thing” and added that he goes back to Cuba very satisfied, because "all our meetings are very important, whether we hold htem here or in Habana”.
On the other hand, Hugo Chávez, took his chance to ratify that he agrees with the "magnificent"speech that Bolivian president, Evo Morales, gave, in which he spoke about "Mother Earth".


That speech was pretty interesting indeed. In it, Evo Morales, who was named "World Hero of the Mother Earth (Pachamama)" by the UN last year, has said that coke serves as a plunger and transgenic chickens produce baldness and homosexuality because for growing them, female hormones are used. He also critisized in similar ways Dutch potatoes (video in Spanish).

Evo is also supporting "Coca Colla", a drink made with cocaine, which its producers are hoping would be a Coca-Cola's competitor in the market. No imperialistic drinks in Bolivia!!

If these guys didn't have power over so much people (and in Cuba's case for so many years, now) this would be funny. As it is, they are only a disgrace.
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Maggie Thornton said...

It is hard to know what to say. As you say it could be funny, but it's not. This is the banty-rooster syndrome.

Claudia said...

It seems really worrying that people like these three raise to power and manage to stay there for long periods of time, despite their evident lack of respect for human rights and individual liberties. What is even worse: there is no end in sight to their power.

Then we have Evo Morales speaking about US Government not investing in Bolivia because they didn't sign the Copenhaguen Accord:

The thing is that there’s permanent sabotage and blackmail from the US government. I cannot believe that a black president can have so much vengeance with an Indian president, because our grandparents and our populations, black and indigenous, have been excluded, marginalized, humiliated. That’s where Obama is coming from, from that experience and that suffering. And me, too. And so, it’s one who’s been discriminated against discriminating against another who’s been discriminated against, one oppressed who is oppressing another oppressed. So much blackmail, and the so much blackmail we had experienced before, and now I’m being subject to $3 million blackmail.

...Of course, for social programs, as well as environmental programs, but that’s just $3 million. In terms of fighting drug trafficking, they have the responsibility to make an investment, and that it’s not just a question of cooperation, it’s a matter of an obligation on their part. Nonetheless, they have pulled out, and we are facing drug trafficking alone—some crumb to make it seem like something, certainly. And so, for example, I had information that they were going to invest in the Millennium Development Account, like $600 million, and they withdrew all of it. And so, we worked this out with other countries. We’re talking about investment. One is not going to raise that claim about this. We are a country of dignity.

But what they do is take vengeance, intimidate. And that is why my doubt is, one who has been subjugated, one’s family has been subjugated to discrimination, is now president; how is it possible that he can discriminate against another movement that has been discriminated against? It is the peoples who will hear.

So this guy who says that capitalism is killing the Pachamama, has not signed the Copenhaguen Accord, in which supposedly they are fighting climate change. But he wants to receive money promised ONLY if his country signed it. He looks like an idiot, but he isn't. He really is cunning, he knows he has made a fascist, racist (against non-Indian Bolivians) and he doesn't have money because great firms, after the nationalisation process are not very willing to invest there (the same happens in Venezuela). And he is just playing the victim card...

This interview has been published by the "Islam Times". Not very surprising hein?

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