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Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Spain: Najwa's family announces legal action against Institute

El Mundo:
Najwa's family has announced they will appeal the decision of the Institute of forcing the schoolgirl to leave the center due to her going to class with a veil and is ready to go to court to defend her right to religious freedom, has said their lawyer, Ivan Jimenez Aybar.

The lawyer, Professor of Ecclesiastical Law at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, has confirmed that Najwa will resume classes tomorrow, "where she can", that is, at the Institute Gerardo Diego de Pozuelo de Alarcón.

The lawyer has indicated that Nawja has been assigned the center after the one which was closer to home, IES San Juan de la Cruz, changed the internal rules quickly to prevent the girl came to class wearing the veil.

Jiménez-Aybar has considered that the decision to "expel" Najwa IES Camilo José Cela is disproportionate and violates her "dignity" and her right to religious freedom, and stressed that from a legal standpoint, the decision is not solid, because it does not point out any fundamental right to justify the cut in the right to education of the child.
Yes, equality of students before the law!!

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