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Thursday, 9 September 2010


Fareed Zakaria has accused US of "over-reacting" after Sept. 11. There were people killed, maimed, hurt and others were never found.

Meanwhile, the expression "Allahu Akbar" has been engraved in the medieval cathedral of Lyon, without anybody being hurt and without anybody claiming that it is an insult to Catholicism (it is, of course, but no one is going to kill the guy or some Muslims on this ground. I would ask for the expression to be removed... with costs being paid by the idiots who accepted such writing in a Cathedral). But if some journalists draw some cartoons about Mohammed or make a show including Islam's prophet, there are people killed, maimed, hurt, etc. and it's said they are demanding "respect for their religion" and that they "like very much Mohammad and doesn't want him to be insulted". Or, at least, they threaten the authors with killings, maimings, etc... to get what they want.

But US are the ones who "over-reacted".


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