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Friday, 10 September 2010

Spain: Jihadist website threatens to repeat "if it's necessary" March 11th bombings

(Translation: T&P).

El Confidencial Digital:
Spanish police has received several complaints after a post in a Jihadist Website threatened directly Spain to "repeat, if necessary March 11th bombings". The author also remembers the Spanish troops' presence in Afghanistan and "Spanish occupation of Ceuta and Melilla".
"I am writing this letter to the Crusader Kingdom of Spain (the Middle Ages aren't over yet for these morons) 
This is for you, pigs: We are sending our greetings through the air, dipped in blood. Your blood, which we have savored before and which has a flavor we can't easily forget, specially because you haven't understood or simply because you have ignored us, and you continue with your war against Islam and Muslims, enrolling yourselves in NATO (Note: it looks like that Spain is a NATO member since March 11th 2004...) and taking part in the bloodshed of our brothers in Afghanistan".
Is this the next chapter of the Vampire Chronicles or a press release from a Jihadist? No, seriously, that line about savoring Spanish blood seems to be written by a very, very bad terror novels' author.
This is how the threatening message begins. Its author, was published on last Sept, 1, on the Jihadist website "Atahadi Islamic Network". After that, he accuses Spain of "capturing and imprisoning dozens of innocents, fabricating against them non-existent evidence and locking them up in your racist prisons".

He continues referring to the Spanish Government's alliances with "puppets' regimes" like Morocco or Argelia, countries that receive Muslims "turned in" by Spain and where they suffer "every type of tortures in their prisons". The menace remembers too "the ocupation of our lands in Ceuta and Melilla".
This is worrying: the minute they are making a difference between them and Moroccan regime, the latter will need to act even more violently against their subjects, to prevent revolts, and its evolution towards a much more extreme version of Islam would be another probable consequence.
He also remembers the descendants of Tariq Ibn-Ziyad -the Berber general that lead the Muslim invasion of the Iberian Peninsula in the VIIIth century- who "gave you a lesson" on March 11th 2004. "But it seems that you have forgotten it, and if it's necessary to repeat it, it will be repeated".
The text was published in arabic, and received several comments of other users, assuring him "Allah's payback". The author wrote afterwards if someone could translate it to Spanish. Someone called "Moroccan Karim" accepted soon afterwards.
A very good example that caving into terror, doesn't stop it at all. I hope they are tracked down and arrested, but it's probable they don't live at all in Spain.

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