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Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Spain: Moroccan women and two sons, killed by father

The bodies of two children found dead yesterday in an apartment in Tarragona next to his mother were found buried in the bathtub, under the woman's body, sources have informed research.
Was this an honor killing?
The Police found the dead Sunday night in his home a woman, 26, of North African origin, and their two children, ages 2 and 6 years in the maritime district of Tarragona, and is looking for her husband, who had a restraining order, as the main suspect in the triple murder.
The woman's body appeared about 20 hours ago, while the children's bodies were found three hours later and under his mother, covered with cement and plaster, and in an advanced state of decomposition.
These sources indicate that the suspect committed the triple murder on Monday night, and hen the suspect fled, possibly to Morocco, where they had come from.

According to the data from the autopsy, the woman was beheaded with a knife, as the eldest daughter, while this hypothesis still has to be confirmed in the case of two-year-old child, whose post-mortem exam is scheduled for today.

Neighbors were in on Sunday afternoon and alerted the Fire Department of the Autonomous Community of a strong smell coming out of the building, located in the first floor of the number 9 from the street Reial de Tarragona.
The investigation, on which was ordered afterwards, has focused on the husband, Abdslam of "thirty-odd years," according to its neighbors, against whom the judge had issued a restraining order last fall fordomestic abuse.

Abdslam had been admitted and treated at the Pere Mata de Reus for psychiatric problems and, last December, the victim asked for the repeal of the restraining order. Although the request was denied by the judge, both returned to live since then.

In addition, Abdslam had three previous convictions for domestic violence and escape from prison, the officials said.

Moreover, the city of Tarragona has decreed that today is the day of official mourning to express the condolences and the condemnation of this triple murder, and therefore the City Hall flags will fly all day at half mast.

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